Data Transfer

How to upload/download data, scripts, results etc. between the cluster and a local machine?

There are two different options:

  1. File transfer via FTP/SFTP
  2. Network access transfer

1. Transfer via FTP / SFTP:

This option utilizes a FTP/SFTP program to handle file transfers. Different OS have various options, so feel free to google or use what you are familiar with. Two suggestions:

Open the program and establish connection to the cluster using the following information:

  • Protocol: SFTP
  • Address/Server/Host name:
  • Port: 22
  • Account: DTU username (initials) and password

Once connection has been established navigate to the project folder on the data storage and start transferring files to or from it.

❗Avoid using host name, although this will work.

2. Network access from local machine:

This option gives more “direct access” to the cluster, in the sense that you don’t need a 3rd-party program, but can work with the data storage as though it was just a drive/folder on your local machine.

# – Requirements – #

  • The local computer is on campus with cabled internet connection
  • and/or
  • The local computer is connected to DTU via VPN

VPN at DTU: Check for example this ITS-wiki page or these DTU Inside links page 1, page 2 for more information about VPNs at DTU. While DTU recommends the Cisco AnyConnect client to be used, alternatives do exist e.g. OpenVPN.

# – Accessing files – #
Once you have network access, you should be able to see and interact with the 3d-imaging-center folder as though it was a local folder.

In Windows OS:
In any File Explorer type the address:

  • \\

You should see a folder named: 3dimage and then access relevant folders,

In Mac OS:
Using Finder, go/connect to the data storage server and mount the folder temporarily by typing:

  • smb://

In Linux OS:
Not yet tested