3DIM/QIM computing wiki

As part of our efforts to facilitate working with 3D imaging data, we are attempting give “easy” access to computing cluster infrastructure, maintained standard/3rd party software tools, and customized scripts, packages and tutorials for Python/Matlab. This is a multi-pronged approach

  • The QIM platform is most polished and user-friendly approach. It is a web-based interface to the DTU cluster, and is constantly evolving.
  • There are more standard approaches for accessing and utilizing the cluster. This Wiki serves as a quick reference and guide for this purpose.

The cluster infrastructure is hosted and managed by the DTU Computing Center (DCC). It serves the purpose of giving every DTU user access to high performance computing capabilities and GPUs. The 3D Imaging Center and QIM has been granted a portion of the cluster to administer. It serves both as storage for data collected at the imaging center, and as host for standard and specialized software available for all users of the cluster.