The vision of QIM

At the Center for Quantification of Imaging Data from Max IV (QIM) we develop algorithms for quantitative image analysis. The aim of QIM is to support the research carried out at both large and small-scale imaging facilities, including both industrial and clinical applications.

Our team is experienced in analyzing samples across a wide range of scientific disciplines. The analysis is carried out either as research projects in close collaboration with experimental scientists or through method and resource support with tools that are freely available to the public (see Software Tools and QIM Platform).

  • Access to large-scale image facilities – contact the QIM team

  • Help with analysis of 3D imaging – find tools here or explore the QIM Platform

  • Consultancy on 3D image related problems – contact the QIM team


3D Imaging is an extremely powerful technique to study the interior of materials, samples and specimens with applications across a wide range of scientific, industrial and clinical domains. At the newly established, most brilliant synchrotron source in the world at MAX IV laboratory, five imaging beamlines are currently in development.

As data analysis is universally seen as the dominating bottleneck for generation of scientific and industrial results from X-ray imaging,, the QIM centre, a partnership between MAX IV, Lund University, Copenhagen University and the Technical University of Denmark, will support the beamlines at MAX IV with imaging capabilities and the local facilities at DTU and LU with the necessary software and support of users to the point that data analysis is not the main bottleneck any more.

External funding

The QIM centre is supported by The Capital Region of Denmark.