The QIM data repository is a collection of µCT scans of different samples, and can be freely used for example for developing and testing

  • new image analysis methods,
  • new visualization tools, or
  • other use of 3D volumetric scans.

The repository is available here: QIM data repository

Most of the scans are recorded on our lab scanners in the 3D Imaging Center at DTU (3DIM) and have a resolution of about 1000 voxels cubed, so most of the images are several GB in size. Therefore, it can take time to download the data. To make it easier to decide which image to download, we have made visualizations of the scans showing example slices, 3D renderings, and intensity distributions, so you can get an idea of the image content. We have also created downscaled versions of some of the scans, such that you can download a smaller sample.


If you use the data for research, please acknowledge our data repository by including “this data was downloaded from the QIM data repository https://qim.compute.dtu.dk/data-repository/. If there is a special requirement to cite a paper associated with the data, then this will be clearly shown where you download the data.