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You can now find online in our QIM channel the video recordings for the talks and demos held at the Online Workshop on Machine Learning for Segmentation of 3D Structures the 30th September 2020.

This online workshop focuses on segmentation of 3D structures in microscopy images using machine learning.

You will learn how to apply state-of-the art machine learning tools to segment your own data. We will focus on the trade-off between annotation effort and segmentation quality, with an emphasis on “good enough” in reasonable time.

The first day of the workshop is a webinar-style presentation of how to apply machine learning tools to various segmentation tasks, followed by a practical session where you will apply the tools to example data-sets. The second day of the workshop will be in small groups, where each participant begins segmenting their own data.

Go to the registration site for information on the program. We hope to see you!

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