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Join the workshop and listen to presentations and bring your own poster to the virtual theme session rooms (more information about the posters will come soon)!

Welcome to a full-day workshop organized by HALOS-QIM-CIPA-CSSB!

Preliminary program
10.30-10.50 Welcome – Kajsa M. Paulsson (introduce HALOS), Anders Sjöström (introduce CIPA), Carolin Seuring (intrude CSSB), Monica Emerson (introduce QIM)

10.50-11.10 “Imaging in Life Science” – Tomas Lundqvist, Sprint Bioscience

11.10-11.25 “Image analysis in Life Science” – Daniel Wünster, Odense University

11.40-11.55 Educational activities for training the next generation of tomography researchers and the need of access to computing clusters – Emanuel Larsson, Lund University)

11.55-12.15 TBA

12.15-12.25 Planning for multimodal imaging experiments – Oxana Klementieva, Lund University

12.25-13.00 Lunch

13.00-13.20 “CryoEM-tomography” – Ulrike Laugks, Universität Hamburg

13.20-13.40 “Correlative Light and Electron Microscopy” (CLEM) – Josie Ferreira, Universität Hamburg

13.40-14.00 Multi-scale Phase Contrast X-ray Tomography of Biological Tissues – Tim Salditt, Göttingen University

14.00-14.20 ‘Analysis – what are the options of handling data, what are the challenges, introduction of tools for quantification from QIM with possible outcomes etc’ – Vedrana Andersen Dahl, DTU

14.20-14.40 ‘Imaging of Covid-19 infected heart tissue’, Patric Møller Jensen, DTU and Marius Reichardt, Göttingen University

14.40-15.00 Leg stretch with coffee/tea

15.00-15.45 Gather web interface with virtual poster session, “Theme rooms” with industry representatives

15.45-16.00 Discussion, summary and concluding remarks

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