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The first workshop on the tool Insegt Fibre was entitled ‘Fibre Reinforced Composites: X-ray Imaging and Advanced Fibre Tracking’. The workshop was held on the 15th May of 2018 at the Henry Moseley X-ray Imaging Facility, part of the School of Materials from University of Manchester. The event was financed by the Henry Royce Institute and co-organised by Ying Wang and Monica Emerson.

In the morning, a series of talks was conducted by experts in material science, imaging and data analysis. These covered important aspects of X-ray tomography for fibre reinforced composites, including sample preparation and in-situ imaging set-ups. The afternoon session consisted of hands-on work with the tool Insegt Fibre. Following two example scripts and a manual, the attendees worked on 4 data-sets of varying quality and segmented individual fibres from a full unidirectional composite CT scan.

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